Uncommon Art
on the Common

Saturday, August 6, 2022
Main Street, Goffstown

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Event Sponsors

With much appreciation....

O'Keeffe Level Sponsors: Gallery of Frames
                                               Tiffany's Cafe & Catering

Rockwell Level Sponsors: Edward Jones/Gregg Flegal
                                              Nicki French Photography
                                              4:44 Candle Company
                                              Apotheca Flowers      

GMSP Art Tent - Business Donors: Berg Ink, Gallery of Frames, Goffstown Green Thumb Garden Center, Nicki French Fine Art Photography, Night Owl Quilting Studio, Putnam's Waterview Restaurant, Sawyer's Main Street Breakfast & Function Hall, and Zinnia & Birch.

GMSP Art Tent - Artist Donors: Christine Andrews, Blue Room Studio, Brian Campbell, Sue Cannella, Crawford Star Design, Melissa Desrosiers, Corinne Dodge, Ann Trainor-Domingue, Nina Duval, Nanci Fletcher, Mindy Forest, Anne Gaiero, Steve Hobbs, Claudia Jasalavich, Linda Kinville, Lucky Mud Pottery, Donna Nelson, Jane Grant-Tentas, Yvonne Walton