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A New Direction for GMSP & basic catching up

Beginning in 2022, GMSP is now run by a completely volunteer working board of directors. We feel this approach will enable us to attend to some very important matters that seemed to have been neglected. We welcome three very energetic people to our board: Christine Patane, Marissa Berg and Casey Leach, while saying farewell to Ellen Vermokowitz, Amanda Cee and Angie Martinez-Rubio, who were very key in last year's success, and also helped us navigate through this challenging transition. Our immense appreciation to them all! And we will surely welcome anyone with G-town ties to join our Board, or volunteer in any other capacity.

In this new direction, one of the decisions we needed to make was to focus our resources and energies onto our most impactful events. As a result, we decided not to host Old Home Day. This was a difficult choice to be sure, but instead of completely scrapping the event (which has a lot of potential) we offered it to the Goffstown Historical Society, as they seem to be the most appropriate organization to host this. We're sure that the Historical Society will do a wonderful job and we wish them every success!

And finally, Thank You to the community for supporting GMSP over the years. Not securing the warrant article of $15K will have an impact on what we were planning to do this coming year. With that being said, we will do what any non-profit organization would do when there is a significant change in what was planned. We will look at related expenses and make adjustments where we can. What you can count on is that GMPS will continue to serve the Goffstown Historic Business District and the community.

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I applaud all the volunteers who continue to give their time to see this great program continue. As a past four term President and two term VP I can't imagine the disappointment of not getting the support from your community. If some would only consider helping by volunteering instead of complaining! What many forget or may not be aware of is this. It was the Main Street Program's efforts since 1999 that made Goffstown a desirable place to raise a family. A chosen town to start a business and a town where your property value does nothing but increase yearly. When the time arrives when everyone has to travel to Milford, Nashua or Laconia for a Pumpkin Festival weekend then…

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