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Here are some of the wonderful things we're hearing from our local businesses and residents:

"Thank you and great job! Main Street looked beautiful with all the lights and everyone had a wonderful time."

(Friday Night Under the Lights)

Patricia Putnam, Local Business Owner


"Main Street Program makes Goffstown VERY SPECIAL, last night just another example of it!" (Friday Night Under the Lights)

Carroll Berg, Resident

"Thank you for all that you do for our beautiful community!"

Mary Ellen Berg, Resident

"Thank you so much for your dedication to our beautiful town."

Cathy Berube, Resident

"Goffstown is a better place due to the work of GMSP.... The support the GMSP provides to our local businesses by bringing people to our town is immeasurable.... Every time a GMSP event is happening, we and others walk down Main Street and visit a shop... buy a book, grab a bite to eat or drink.... Goffstown's true spirit comes out thanks to the work of the Goffstown Main Street Program."

Joan Alayne Stevens, Resident

"When I talk to someone unfamiliar with our town, "I have to take you downtown." I have to tell everyone how much I love Main Street.... Many thanks to all that help make our town beautiful and organized these fantastic events."... (After speaking to the virtues of each of the GMSP events, she continues) "I love Goffstown and all it offers my family. We want the traditions that we have come to know and love to continue. I hope you will support the Main Street Program in maintaining these celebrations."

Danielle Fournier, Resident

"Goffstown is now a destination; the sense of community is overwhelming.... My business was able to give back to the program that gave me a shot and relied quite heavily on my services.... This was the best Regatta yet (2021) and I know that next year will be even better, which means my business will grow alongside it, and only strengthen our community."

(Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off & Regatta)

Berk Ink, Local Business

"As a Goffstown based realtor for 37 years, I consider ourselves 'Ambassadors to Goffstown.'... About 20 years ago, when a client was asked where they wanted to live, they said 'Anywhere but Goffstown.'... That has totally changed. Now we hear, 'I love Goffstown,' 'We want to live in Goffstown,' 'We don't want to leave Goffstown.'... (Main Street has) brought people from near and far to experience the joy that living in a caring, beautiful town has to offer.... Main Street events have polished the gems in the crown of Goffstown."

Keller Williams HomeTown Team/Mary Ellen Berg, Local Business

"Upon speaking with several businesses post Regatta, comments like these were made: 'We were filled with customers. Its was great. We also benefitted from the Uncommon Art event.'... Another said 'Very busy,' and yet another, 'Wonderful weekend.'

(Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off & Regatta)

Ellen Vermokowitz, former GMSP Board President

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